Application For Registered Limited Engineer

1. Personal Details
*Please affix recent photo (Passport size)
2. Membership Of *Professional Bodies/Institutions
(Please attach certified copies of certificates, documents etc. Where space provided is insufficient, please attach annexed sheet.)
3. Special Field Of Expertise And Competency
4. Local Professional Engineer and Working Project
5. Declaration To Be Signed By The Applicant

Myanmar Monitoring Committee,
I, the undersigned, apply for registration as a Registered Foreign Engineer and declare as follows:
(a) the particulars given in this form and the certificates attached are true and correct; and
(b) shall be bound by local and international codes of professional conduct in accordance with the policy on ethics and conduct established and enforced in Myanmar
(c) shall be bound by prevailing laws and regulations in Myanmar
(d) shall work in collaboration with local Professional Engineers in Myanmar subject to domestic laws and regulations governing the practice of engineering thereto

6. PDF Files attachments will be accepted with document description.