Engineering Education Activities conducted by MEngC President dated on 10 Mar 2020
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Today, Myanmar Engineering Council President Dr. Charlie Than highlighted at AGTI (Pyin Oo Lwin) that the engineering education accreditation committee is reaching out to the academics to involve them in accreditation.
He also explained outcome-based education as well as the attributes and competencies of technicians and technologists. Participation and involvement are important to strive for a better engineering  community. It aims to develop both professional practicing and ethical practicing to enhance better human resources for Myanmar as well as for the entire society.

Afterwards, Myanmar Engineering Council President, in the afternoon, arrived at the University of Technology (Yatanarpon Yatanarpon Cyber City), delivered a lecture on Guidelines for Good Practice on Student Assessment for Professors.

Invitation to the webinar on "Responsibility & Accountability of Stakeholders in Construction Industry" dated on 4 Jul, 2020 : 1 pm